How to Become a Better Writer


You’re sitting in front of your computer hoping to finish that short story and get it published, but you end up hating it and judging yourself for not being a good writer. Don’t worry, almost every writer on the planet is on the same boat; writing is a tricky thing. While a “good” writer is a very subjective concept, there are ways to improve your writing skills and keep refining your style. Here are seven tips to keep in mind before writing your next (hopefully) big thing.

1. Read a Lot

The best thing to start doing is to read as much as you can. Read things related to what you want to write about and you will expand your vocabulary and knowledge on the subject.

2. Write Everyday

Don’t let a day pass without writing something - it could be anything: an article, a short story, or even your diaries.

3. Keep a Notebook

Take a notebook with you everywhere you go because you never know when ideas will hit you, and you want to write them down when they do!

4. Exercise

Start looking for some writing exercises and make sure you challenge yourself. This will help a lot, especially if you are dealing with a writer’s block.

5. Sign up for a Course

Whether it’s online or offline, taking courses help you acquire important knowledge from experts and push yourself forward.

6. Keep Your Muse Close

Find out what inspires you the most and keep it close by; it might be a person, a place, or even a possession.

7. Create a Routine

All great writers had routines and all you have to do is figure out yours. Keep track of when you like to write and create a sustainable routine that you can keep up every day for the rest of your life.

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