How Doing What I Love Helped Me Find a Balance in My Life


As a graduate of business school, it was obvious that I would have a job related to finance, management or marketing. But after I joined this business school, I realized bit by bit that my interests were directed somewhere else. Don’t get me wrong; I made use of the opportunity to be in college and made sure to pass my exams and learn as much as I can.

When I graduated, I worked as a financial analyst in a very interesting company where I was mentored and trained to work effectively and take responsibility for my work. During my first year, I had difficulty adjusting because university was completely different than the workplace.

After many failures, I learned that practice makes perfect and I started becoming more aware of my daily job and my department's' mission towards the goals of the company. In the meantime, I also started writing for a magazine about international politics and conflicts in the Middle East.

After getting great feedback on my articles –as well as constructive criticism– I immediately knew that this was my passion. Because I had a very good relationship with my boss, I talked to him about it. I knew he could give me some good advice because he’s a friend, and he also has more experience. He told me to pursue what I love, but that I needed to have the maturity to accept the consequences of such a career shift.

"Some of these consequences could be a lower salary, a less dynamic place of work, or even a role that can make you despise your passion!" he said.

After a lot of thinking, it was clear to me that I had to make the move, and I did. It is wrong to think that I am now in heaven and that in my prior job I was in hell as this is not the truth. But what is clear is that I have found a balance in my life. I am happier doing what I love to do, yet I also accept some of the consequences that follow, like the fact that my new office is not as close to my house as my old one.

If you are facing some issues, find a balance in life and start focusing on creating a career: It might be related to what you like to do, and it is important to try out different things to find what makes you happy.

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