How Do We Ever Know if We’re Doing Enough?


While some people might pat you on the back and salute you for being proud of you, you’ll always have something in the back of your mind telling you that you haven’t done enough.

We work and we try to give our all, but how do we know that we’re on the right path? How do we know if we’re doing something wrong? How do we know if we’re on the route to success?

I, myself, never know whether I’m on the right path or not. I was juggling three full-time jobs at a certain point in my life, and I still thought I wasn’t doing enough.

“I wasn’t that productive at work today; I should have gotten more done,” I’d tell myself, or “I lost myself in work all week and I haven’t gone to the gym,” or “I haven’t spent time with my family all week because I overwhelmed myself with work.”

All these daily struggles or bottlenecks are always on my mind. If I feel like I’m giving my all to a certain aspect of my life, I feel like I’m not doing enough in something else. And it is a vicious, never-ending cycle.

If you’re anything like me, you may have a hard time truly letting yourself relax and convincing yourself that you have done enough.

It varies between starting your day with a bouncy frenetic high that has you smiling into your morning coffee or a frown that could end up cursing your day to unproductivity.

After immense overthinking, I found out that it’s not really about what we are or aren’t doing, it’s about ourselves –our being.

I’m not saying that I have found a solution to this vicious cycle of discomfort and unease, all I’m saying is that if your unconscious mind is up and running and you always feel like there’s room for improvement, then you’re definitely doing something right.

All I know is that every moment you feel appreciated for your work or for attempting to do something right in your life, all the sleepless nights, zombie appearances, and anxiety suddenly become worth it.

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