Hereditary: Just Another Horror Movie


Last weekend I went to the movies with my friend and we decided to see a new horror film called Hereditary. Although horror movies have never been my cup of tea, I decided to see the movie anyway.

The movie is about the Graham family; Annie, a miniature artist, her husband Steve, their teenage son Peter, and their young daughter Charlie. This article includes MAJOR SPOILERS so tread carefully!

Charlie is a bit creepy, makes weird noises with her mouth, and doesn’t like to socialize with other people. The film opens on Ellen’s death (Annie’s mom) and Annie saying that some members of her family were mentally ill. Ellen’s grave is later vandalized and Charlie keeps hearing weird voices and seeing things.

Peter is forced to take Charlie to a party, where she eats something she’s allergic to and he takes her to the hospital. However, she faces a gruesome death on the way when she takes her head out of the window and it gets removed from her body by a phone booth. Her mom gets depressed and meets Joan, who tells her how she can talk to her on the other side.

Later on, Annie discovers that by doing this she woke up something evil and it’s after her family. Eventually, they all get killed except for Peter; who gets expelled out of his body by Joan so that an evil spirit called Paimon can inhabit it.

After watching the movie, I remembered why I never liked horror movies in the first place. The plot is usually very weak and the filmmakers rely on the scary scenes and effects they add. The haunted family theme is popular, but it’s old, lame, and has been done a million times. The creepy child who acts strangely is a concept that has been abused time and time again, and the ‘calling on spirits’ thing is so lame and repetitive. The only few good things were the cinematography, the acting (which was surprisingly good), and the last plot twist.

In my opinion, this movie is awful and not worth your time, even if you do like horror movies. If you’re still curious, save your money and wait till you can watch it on TV for free.

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