Has Life Changed, or Have You?

During the holy month of Ramadan, we used to hear a lot of people, from our generation repeat the famous sentence: “Ramadan is not the same anymore, it has completely changed.” People in their 20s started saying, “We don’t feel like it's Ramadan anymore, what happened to the mood we used to feel years back?”

A few days later, at the beginning of summer, the same tone was used to describe the holiday. “Is this even summer?” people would question. “Where’s the REAL summer vacation we used to enjoy?”

Moreover, nowadays we all say, “Summer is becoming very hectic, I wish I could relax during these days as I used to, years ago.”

Personally, I find it a little strange that those statements are now made by people our age, people in their 20s; people who are supposedly living the best days of their lives, enjoying every moment and still not longing for the good old days.

This made me think of what made us reach such a level, or such a state of mind.

And here is the conclusion I’ve reached: nothing changed, but we definitely did.

Nothing about Ramadan and its traditions has changed; or, supposedly, nothing should.

Nothing about summer has changed; but our perceptions have.

If we want the good old days back, we can very easily have them.

We can still wake up early during Ramadan, pray, do charity, sit with our families, watch TV, and chat till it’s time to sleep.

We can also enjoy the good old summer days. We can very easily wake up, go to the beach, have a barbecue at sunset and enjoy spending some quality time with family and friends.

But we decide not to. We decide not to do so, and then complain.

We don’t do what we like because this is not what others do. We blindly follow the crowd and then complain that life has changed.

Most of us are tired of going out daily and wish we could stay at home with our siblings and talk about anything and everything. Some of us really need to rest at night and watch a movie at home. But we don’t. We ignore our needs, exhaust ourselves, and go party - just because that’s what people do.

It’s okay if we do not have fun. We still went out and told people we were at a party. And to some people, this has unfortunately become enough. It has become enough to do what people like, even if it doesn’t match with our interests.

I am definitely not trying to judge anyone here. That’s really the last thing I intend to do. I just felt a little sad that people nowadays care about people’s opinions and trends more than what they need or like.

I’ll hold myself from preaching here; but a piece of advice I learnt and would like to share is: everyone has their own perception of happiness. People are born different and will always be. There is no point whatsoever in trying to be someone we are not. There is no point in liking what others like if we simply do not feel comfortable doing it. Do what makes YOU happy, do what your heart tells you to do. Don’t look at what others do or compare your day, life or goal to theirs.

This may seem a little cheesy, but believe me, you’ll definitely be happier and much more relaxed.

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