Five things You Should Stop Doing Immediately!

You're in charge of your own life, so live it properly, because there is no rewind button. Here are some things you should stop doing immediately to change your life to the better.

Comparing your life to that of others

Comparing your life to anyone else will lead to the fact that you’ll remain unhappy or unsatisfied for the rest of your life. You never know what other people hide or what kind of problems they have. Focus on your blessings, thank God for them and work to make the best out of your life. Forget about what others have, and you’ll feel you own the universe.

Regretting and living in the past

Regretting anything you’ve ever done will also affect your future negatively. Whatever happened already cannot be changed. At a certain moment, this was what you wanted exactly and it made you happy. Bear the consequences and never blame yourself for any decision you’ve taken. Wrong decisions are the best lessons ever. So stop dwelling over the past!

Putting yourself down

You should be your biggest motivator. Don’t expect people to believe in you and motivate you, if you do not do it yourself. Appreciate your efforts, know your worth and work to just improve them.


Overthinking makes your life a lot more stressful than it should be and makes you dramatize every aspect of your life. Sometimes you just need to take the risk, depend on God and not calculate every possible outcome.

Refuse change

Accepting change and taking risks is the easiest way to discover yourself and get to know new opportunities. Stop refusing change and get out of your comfort zone as soon as you can. This is how you grow and learn. So quit your corporate job and go out there and search for your passion, because if you stay static, you’ll never grow.

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