Five Things you Should Never Tell a Girl

Guys usually claim that girls are extremely hard to understand. To help them out a little and let them avoid trouble, we’ve assembled a few things they should avoid while talking to a girl.

1- You gained weight

Never ever tell a girl she gained weight. No matter how much weight she put on, you don’t admit it. Bonus: Always tell her she lost weight and looks even prettier. Beware: even if a girl admits she gained weight and knows it well, don’t say it yourself. We say it, we don’t accept anyone else to do.

2- You looked better when…

Whenever we change anything about our looks, we don’t accept any opinion regarding it except a positive, overwhelming one. Again, if we ask you for your opinion, it's only because we want to hear how prettier we look now.

3- I forgot about our date/phone call

Never admit to a girl you forgot about a plan you had together. You better think of a better excuse. Someone you love dearly went through a car accident, or you got fired from your job would make her less upset than someone forgetting about her.

4- Isn’t "X" taller than you?

Without going into details, no matter what the trait or characteristic is, do not compare a girl to another one. If it's obvious enough to everyone that “X” has curlier hair than “Y”, you still don’t want to say it out loud.

5- I’ll call you after ...

We like to be the center of the universe. We don’t accept to be your second priority. Make girls feel they’re the only thing you think about all day, even if you’re the CEO of the biggest company in the country.

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