Five Nostalgic Restaurants You Need to Revisit

Nostalgia is a beautiful girl in a spring dress that we used to date but cannot ask out because of our history. We always find time to think about her and we can afford to spend hours reflecting on our cherished memories, but she remains the girl that reminds us there is a last time for everything.

Did we grab your attention? Great! That was one kind of nostalgia, but it surely isn’t the only kind! We can still watch Friends, we can still visit our sporting clubs for a swim in the pool and we can surely still book a table at these five favorite restaurants reminding us of simpler times.

Café Riche

As you walk down the old streets of downtown Cairo you will find your perfect time machine to King Farouk’s Egypt as you visit Café Riche.

You will sit on an old cross back wooden chair and rest your elbows on tables covered with flea market sheets, gazing upon the vintage wall patterns and the antique pictures hanging on each side. This place is considered a landmark in the country as it was founded back in 1908 with greats like Gamal Adel Nasser and Naguib Mahfouz frequenting the place. Café Riche is the place to visit if you’re just grabbing a cup of tea, or if you are craving some oriental Rabbit with Molokhia and a pair of stuffed quails.

Address: 17, Haret West Al Balad, Al Waili Al Kabir Gharb, Hadaeq Al Qubbah

The Greek Club

You can enjoy lip-smacking seafood meals in multiple places in Alexandria, but it is the location of the Greek Club that makes it so special. The Greek Club is just a little bit south of heaven. Nothing can beat its breathtaking sea view with the Alexandrian port and the citadel of Qaitbay on each side. The design of the restaurant and the outdoor area is blessed by the Greek gods, making the place the crown jewel of Alexandria.

A Kalamarakia Tiganita next to a Kotopoulo Scharas or a Sea Bass Fillet would definitely make your day.

Address: El Corniche, next to the citadel of Qaitbay, El Shatby, Alexandria

Le Chantilly

We don’t have a La rue de Berne street in Egypt, but as you appreciate the distinctive architecture of El Korba, you will pass by a little taste of Switzerland when you visit Le Chantilly. Le Chantilly is your go-to place for classic Swiss/French cuisine. An old-style dining area with traditionally dressed waiters, serving all kinds of yummy for the tummy food. People mistakenly perceive Swiss restaurants as just for desserts, but as much as a meal from Le Chantilly can never be complete without their Cinnamon Apple Strudel covered with vanilla ice-cream, the Fondue au Fromage (Cheese fondue) is a matchless course for two. The narrow hallways of the Swiss restaurant certainly deserve more than one visit to try the rest of their menu.

Address: 11 Baghdad Street, El Korba


Clearly not the most eye-catching restaurant on road 9, this small gem is identified thanks to the “Mermaid” sign in vintage neon light. As you enter the place, you’ll experience warmth and coziness, with its lights giving you that special romantic vibe missing from the rest of the diners in road 9. You’d normally go to an Italian restaurant for a pizza, which is good, but if you are yearning for a mouthwatering Mermaid plate, you need the lasagna or cannelloni. Their rich meaty cheesy recipe will draw a big, fat smile on your face.

Address: 77 Road 9, Al Maadi


Almost two decades ago, young Lucille came all the way from Colorado and decided to open her own place serving classic American cuisine food, and as she started, the Maadi society went crazy over the place! This was one of the first American restaurants in Egypt, introducing short stack pancakes for breakfast and burgers thicker than their buns for dinner.

You will sense Lucille’s country roots in the place with cowboys and boots decorating the walls. As time went on, the place got even more country as the burgers got bigger when they introduced the Texas and Outlaw burgers. But don’t mistake Lucille’s for just a burger place. A breakfast of pancakes slathered in butter and drizzled with syrup is a must, and your burger dinner can’t be complete without their melt-in-your-mouth cheesecake.

Address: 54 Road 9, Al Maadi

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