Feteera: Flavorful, Elegant and Interesting


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In a moment of laziness induced by the Cairo heat, we decided to order in for our weekly review instead of going out; after much deliberation we decided on Feteera, which some of us hadn’t tried before.

The menu was filled with the standard feteer place classics, as well as some odd options, such as Chicken Alfredo feteer and Apple and Cinnamon feteer. After one of our colleagues wisely stated, “if you want to test the substance of a feteer place, you should order the classics,” we decided to go classic in the savory items. To satisfy all parties, however, we chose to veer off slightly in the dessert options.

As we waited for the order, we began imagining what it was going to be like (we were hungry an hour before we ordered). The doorbell rang almost exactly 45 minutes later, and a delivery man appeared behind the door with a bunch of fragrant plastic bags.

The first pack he extended was dripping and that didn’t seem to faze him (that was our dessert) and then two feteeras in pizza-like boxes were extended. We paid the good man and wished him luck on the rest of his journey.

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Beginning with the savory (traditionalists), the two pizza boxes were opened to reveal our two savory feteeras: an Alexandrian Sausage feteera and a Mixed Cheese feteera. Their presentation was perfect and we collectively wondered whether they tasted as good as they looked.

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The Mixed Cheese feteera was an odd yet intriguing experience. While placing the order we were informed that it consisted of romano, red cheddar, mozzarella, and kiri cheeses, which all made it into the feteera; but at times it seemed like they were each given a corner of the feteera as opposed to being mixed together. We weren’t sure if this spreading of the ingredients was intentional or by accident, but the results were actually quite interesting; no slice tasted the same as the next, which made for an exciting meal.

The Alexandrian Sausage feteera, on the other hand, was straight forward as classics should be; the spices on the meat were fragrant and just the right amount, and the vegetables made it juicier with the explosion of some tomato bits. While the edges of the feteera could have used more filling, the overall consensus was a positive one.

For dessert, we took out two rolled feteeras cut up into bite-sized pieces and wrapped elegantly for our convenience.

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We opened the two and marveled at the symmetry. One was a Peanut Butter and Nutella feteera and the other was a Custard and Cream Feteera. While the Custard and Cream feteera had garnered a lot of anticipation, it was the less impressive of the two; instead, the Peanut Butter and Nutella feteera was the one to steal the show. It was extremely flavorful and the chef had obviously decided to be liberal with the fillings, leaving us with a hefty amount of peanut butter and Nutella in each bite. The texture of the feteera roll was a bit tough though; you either eat a whole piece or attempt to bite it and risk getting Nutella on your favorite pair of trousers.

Our in-office dining experience was pleasant, and the portions were more than enough. Feteera’s cuisine is perfectly convenient for when you’re having one of those ‘it’s hot outside’ lazy days. Next time we might even try the Chicken Alfredo and the Apple and Cinnamon feteera if we’re feeling more adventurous.

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