Fashion Emergency: When You’ve Only Got Time for One Store

Imagine if there was a fashion emergency line like 911. It would never stop ringing, right?! Well you don’t need one, because we’ve got you covered.

Sometimes you get stuck with an event that you need to go to but realize you don’t have anything to wear and no time to run around the mall to find the perfect outfit. Don’t worry, we got you the perfect outfit and you don’t have to visit every store in the mall; just one trip to one store and you will get your perfect outfit. Let’s show you the right way to turn heads without too much effort -just tell us where you’re going!

The Birthday Party

You got invited to your coworker’s birthday party at the last minute and you don’t have the outfit that will show that you are a professional at work and a party animal after work. Sound familiar? Then the next outfit is for you. The outfit contains flirty pieces that will show the wild feminine side of you. The color red will show how you love life, parties and romance. It will show the amazing you, so wear it with confidence.

The Business Dinner

If you got caught up with tasks and didn’t have time to search for an outfit to wear for the business dinner you’ve been planning for weeks, don’t worry. The next outfit will be the best for this occasion: professional yet chic and on trend. The look will give you the confidence you need for an important dinner like this, and it might as well get you a promotion.

The Daytime Bride

Your wedding day is coming soon and you don’t want to waste money on a dress that you will wear for two hours. What to do? The next outfit is yours to rock on your special day; you will be the queen of the scene. You will feel as free as a bird with this outfit and you will never worry about your bathroom break (we all know the struggle), so just grab this outfit and enjoy!

The Daytime Wedding Guest

If you hate dresses and you’re not sure what to wear to your best friend’s wedding, don’t fret’ the next outfit will make you the greatest bridesmaid ever! You don’t have to run around the mall and lose hope in your existence, because we have a short way to happiness and all you need is one stop. You will have so much fun with your friend on her special day with this outfit, so give it a go and have the time of your life!

The Restaurant Opening

Your fiancé is taking you to his best friend’s restaurant opening and you don’t have anything to wear. That’s okay, don’t panic! If you need a classic nighttime look that also needs to be comfy enough to move around in, then the next outfit is worth your bid. You will feel chic and flawless with this outfit, and you will have the time to buy your fiancé a nice tie to match your colors.

The Art Gallery

You have an invitation for an art gallery that will feature major artists and you don’t know what to wear -let us handle this one. The next outfit will create a new you, a new woman that loves art and living chic. You will be the art people will want to look at. The outfit will be your best look ever, so embrace it with your sophisticated character and graceful personality and have fun!

Remember, you don’t need to worry so much about your outfit. Just focus on having fun because that’s what matters!

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