Essential Summer Beauty Products Recommended by Blogger Youssra El-Gamal


When we think about summer, things like beach curls, tan lines, and clear waters come to mind. However, frequent visitors to the North Coast know the ugly truth of sunburns, frizzy hair, and the endless struggles of keeping your skin hydrated.

We talked to 24-year-old beauty blogger Youssra El-Gamal to get some of her top tips on how to care for your hair and skin amidst the scorching summer heat. El-Gamal has always been passionate about beauty care, committing to always waking up with perfect hair and skin. She started reviewing beauty products and sharing some of her own experiments with beauty care on her Instagram account last March.

1. Sun Protection

Because every person’s skin is different, El-Gamal believes that there’s no ultimate sun protection product, which is why she advises people to ask for samples before buying in order to try them out first. So far, she has been very fond of Vichy and Uriage when it comes to protecting her skin from sun damage.

Some may think that it’s just the skin that needs protection from the sun, however your hair is also in great need of it. El-Gammal recommends Eva Serum with SPF protection, but in case you’re spending too much time in the sun you could follow in her footsteps and make your own hair mask of almond oil mixed with jojoba oil to lock in moisture.

2. Tanning Oils

If you’re planning on laying in the sun to get that perfect tan, then you should should check out tanning oils that do the job while protecting you from dangerous sun burns. While tanning, El-Gamal uses Hawaiian Tropic with SPF 15, which is a dry gel, or Luna the tinted jelly. If you’d rather use natural products, El-Gamal remarks that organic coconut oil has natural SPF. However, keep in mind that it has an SPF of just 4, meaning that it blocks only 75 percent of the sun’s ultraviolet radiation. Therefore, make sure you know how often to reapply it before you start using it exclusively.

3. Post-Tanning Masks

Although your face may be glowing from its recent tan, it’s important to keep your skin hydrated, especially after a lot of sun exposure.

Aloe Vera gel or yoghurt and honey masks are good options. However, El-Gamal stresses on the importance of making sure you are not allergic or sensitive to any of these masks; so make sure you test it on a small patch of skin first. “Cucumber is also bomb for your skin; it’s really hydrating,” she added.

4. Frizz Control

As much as we enjoy the night breeze in the North Coast, we definitely despise its humidity that never fails to mess up our hair.

El-Gamal suggests two products: either olive oil Vital, which has silicon, or the chemical free Phyto 7, which works as a daily repairing cream for the hair.

6. Day & Night Creams

Make sure your mixed-up sleeping schedule does not mess up your daily routine when it comes to your face creams.

El-Gamal praises Vichy when it comes to her night and day care routine. “Their products work best for me; even if they’re a bit pricey, they’re definitely worth it!” she said. You could use Vichy Normaderm for oily skin and Idealia night cream after a long, tiring day. As for the mornings, El-Gamal uses their Mineral 89 Serum or natural Aloe Vera gel.

7. General Guidelines

Some additional advice from El-Gamal is to always wear lip balm as well as hydrate with thermal water while tanning or working out. She also washes her face mid-day with micellar water and avoids using any harsh chemicals or regular water; explaining that this helps relax the face so much.

To get additional beauty tips and product reviews you can follow El-Gamal on her Instagram account: @youssraelgamal

Image from Instagram

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