El Torr: Suhoor with a Twist


It’s the first week of Ramadan, what should we review? This question taunted us for hours as we remembered all those times when we’d go out for iftar and end up with a cold, bland dish from a set menu at an overcrowded restaurant.

Each one of us wanted to stay home, gather with their families and eat the homemade iftar food they love the most.

However, we decided to compromise and try something new for suhoor. Ordering food for suhoor is, after all, a lot safer than ordering for iftar; we didn’t want to miss out on grandma’s signature dishes or risk breaking our fast with a bad meal. After a lot of thinking, we decided to stay in and order food so we could eat while watching our favorite Ramadan shows.

Not knowing what we wanted exactly, we spent a good 15 mins on Otlob, discovering new places and reading the plethora of available menus. So much to choose from!

Finally, we settled on El Torr, it was our first time to ever try it; we had only heard of it before.

The main reason we picked this restaurant is because it satisfied everyone’s cravings and kind of solved the dilemma we had. A few of us wanted to have traditional suhoor food (just beans, eggs and cheese), while others wanted something more creative for a change. El Torr had the best of both worlds: the typical suhoor food we all know and love, plus a little added twist. For example, their menu includes Maharaja Foul (beans with indian spices), and a Mexican Foul Burrito (complete with sour cream, jalapenos and pico de gallo).

Around 40 mins after we ordered, the food arrived. It was still very hot and well packed in small boxes.

By that time, we were all hungry and very eager to start digging in. And because luck was on our side, everything we ordered was absolutely superb.

The basic beans plate with olive oil and lemon tasted very homemade; light but very tasty. Similarly, the homemade white cheese with tomatoes was one of the best we’d ever had; not too salty, not too bland. It was perfect for those of us who didn’t want a heavy meal that would disrupt their sleep.

After that, we tried the eggs with sausages. This tasted amazing; their sausages are perfectly seasoned, and added a very unique taste to the plate. It was just a little too heavy though, and a little spicy for some of us. We thought it would make a perfect dinner plate, maybe just not a suhoor one since it might make people thirsty the next day.

We were all almost full, but some of us insisted on trying the omelette and beans dish. This is one of the most fulfilling, protein-packed meals you can have for suhoor, and I bet you won’t feel hungry for a minute the next day.

We all enjoyed the meal so much, and we knew this wouldn’t be the last time we ordered from El Torr. We highly recommend trying it out in Ramadan. Just don’t have sausages at night if you easily get thirsty or if you’re not a heavy eater!

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