Egypt Vs Uganda: One of Egypt’s Worst Performances

Today’s match was the third round in Africa’s World Cup Qualifiers. Egypt was in the lead of its group with six points, a group that consists of Uganda, Ghana and Congo. It was necessary that Egypt wins the match today, because it was supposed to be an easy win, so that Egypt would qualify for sure and with ease. However, with the team’s performance today, it falls as no surprise on all Egyptians that we lose.

Hector Cooper proved his failure again in today’s match, he is obviously not the coach for this team. This is Egypt’s third consecutive loss and even with the team’s victories, there was no outstanding performance. Cooper insists on always playing on the defensive with a 4-4-2 line-up, no matter how easy the match is, as if he has no players. The fact is, this time around, this is the first time that Egypt plays in the qualifiers with this number of players who are part of foreign leagues ie Mohamed Salah, Ramadan Sobhy, Ahmed Hegazi, Mahmoud Trezegeut. He has no understanding of the team or the players; for instance he started the match with Abdallah El Saied, which hasn’t been in is shape or form for quite some time, instead of starting out with Saleh Gomaa, a youthful and very talented player and leaving Al Saied’s experience for the last 20 or 15 minutes.

Egypt’s midfield was close to non-existent, the players insisted on playing long balls when obviously, the team lost the ball every time, as if they did not see that. Moreover, Mohamed Abd El Shafy was not equipped to play today’s match, most of Uganda’s attacks came from his side, the left side. Overall, even the team’s passes were rarely accurate. Egypt had control over the match at very rare points, when the team decided to attack and they were easily able to penetrate Uganda’s defenses. This shows that had Cooper played on pressure and the offensive from the start of the match, we had a big chance of winning.

To top it all off, the goal Egypt scored in the first half was not an offside, the ball did not touch El Saied’s head. This ball was a very good play, that shows that the team has players and all the little other missed opportunities, like the one that Ramdan Sobhy through passed right on Mohamed Salah’s head and Salah was unable to score the header.

Uganda was not a difficult team to win over, the Egyptian players themselves are quite talented, there’s a lot of potential in the team. What this match showed is that certainly, Hector Cooper is unable to harbor any harmony, orient or playmaking between his players. It is like he does not have faith in the talents of his players or their potential. For Egypt to start showing true potential, Hector Cooper has to leave, this is a second time in a row that a foreign coach is unable to succeed with the team, maybe it’s time for Egypt to start resorting to the locals.

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