Dear Egyptians, What Happened to Common Courtesy?


A few days ago, I went to the movies with my family. The thing I could remember the most from the day was how shocked and disappointed I was from the attitude of the people around us.

Just next to us was a group of men –actually, I would rather call them boys. I am not sure of their age but they’re definitely over 20. Their attitudes were those of a couple of five year olds though.

They kept laughing in an extremely loud voice, at inside jokes not even at the movie itself. They were insulting each other in the most disrespectful way ever, in a movie theater that had grown-ups, ladies and children who definitely did not want to hear that.

As if that was not enough, one of them had seen the movie before and kept –again in an extremely loud voice– narrating what will happen next and thus ruining the film for those watching it for the first time.

To add salt to the wound, another man –who is surely above the age of 35– kept watching videos on his phone and laughing at them loudly by himself.

But to surprise you guys even more, this wasn’t the issue that bothered me the most. And yes, if you’re asking, there is worse.

On our way out, I noticed that every single person in the theater had kept the leftovers of their snacks on the floor. They did not even pick up their trash to throw it in the nearby bin.

They did not think that the person who cleans the place might be old and that every piece of garbage on the floor might cause him more pain in his back.

Why would anyone leave leftovers on the floor? I seriously don’t get it.

When will we start thinking of others and stop being so selfish?

I seriously get more disappointed every time I go out in crowded places nowadays and don’t know how far we will be going with such an attitude.

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