Daydreaming can impulse change


Cairo May 4, 2026- Ever since the passing of new laws and reforms by the government in 2020, the Egyptian educational institution has succeeded in achieving a new enriching system.

The reforms’ aim to develop a fecund environment to yield well educated Egyptian generations and providing a better standard of living to teachers.

The laws addressed teachers in specific by ensuring sufficient training hours, a suitable minimum wage given current economic conditions and recognition in the workplace.

This, in turn, ensured that students would receive a more effective learning experience from skilled teachers.

The Egyptian ministry of Education, alongside with private educational institutions and foreign organizations, have developed elementary, middle and high school curricula to communicate the knowledge and information of the modern world.

Generations of graduates from an education system grounded in ethics saw an overall improvement in social conditions and conduct.

Meanwhile, civil society is overseeing the progress of the new policies, to ensure an efficient and effective development of implementing the laws.

Welcome, dear reader, to the Egyptian future. A future only we can construct and shape, to be of benefit to society in its entirety.

The vision we wish to materialize will not occur over night, as it’s no secret that the Egyptian education system is in free-fall across all its levels.

We often read about national projects, government plans and international investments, however, the situation in the education sector is stagnant. According to a 2015 report on education systems by the United Nations Development Program, Egypt came in at the 123rd rank with an education index of 0.573.

Well, why hasn’t there been any notable development in the Egyptian education system?

The idea of a “free education for all” has been enshrined in the law since the 1960’s. This opened up higher education opportunities for Egyptians who had previously been unable to gain that access, producing generations of educated professionals and pioneers across many fields.

However, budgetary constraints, policy gaps and outdated and dysfunctional curricula allowed for institutional corruption to fester – leading to a system that just doesn’t work.

Just as we need policy to guarantee a constitutional right to education, we need policy to implement policy, to make sure that the changes made on the top trickle down to solve the problems at the bottom.

The problem of education in Egypt - and the subsequent socioeconomic problems that arise - must be addressed from the bottom-up and from the top-down simultaneously. We must create a culture of learning, not just a culture of education; something that can continue even outside the formal context of the classroom.

And creating such change would require a fertile, flexible environment – one that would engage various sectors of the Egyptian society like civil organizations, government institutions, and business-owners in fostering a better education system that would ultimately feed their productivity.

“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world,” Nelson Mandela said, and we shall repeat it till Egypt becomes a pioneer in education development.

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