Daras Ice Cream: The Latest Dessert Haven


Located in Galleria 40, Cairo’s newest ice cream shop has already created a buzz all over the city. In just a few days, everyone has been talking about this new place and posting pictures of their ice cream everywhere.

Seeing those pictures on our Instagram accounts, we couldn’t resist and we went to try it ourselves for this week’s review (or honestly just because we wanted ice cream).

As soon as we arrived, we found a long queue in front of the place; we waited for a good 10 minutes until it was our turn to order. The flavors were written on a board in front of us but we wanted to taste some of them before ordering; however, since the place is kind of small and was very crowded, we made it quick and just ordered.

After our first bite, we understood why the place was that crowded; Dara’s Ice Cream is truly different in so many ways. In fact, their mango ice cream is the freshest we had ever had; you can feel chunks of fresh mangos in it and it feels like having a real frozen mango in your hands, not something that just tastes like mango.

Leaving the fruity options aside, their Milk and Cake flavor is truly out of this world. We had never seen this flavor anywhere else, and all we can say is that it tastes like a mix of everything you love: vanilla, cake, caramel, and biscuits.

Finally, and to make our experience even more enjoyable, we tried their Brownie Fudge ice cream. With huge pieces of tasty brownies in it, this “snack” can make you feel fully satisfied for a whole day.

Dara’s Ice Cream was definitely worth the wait, and now we know why they’ve been generating such a major buzz!

Tip: Enjoy your ice cream in their fresh and amazingly delicious cones, and add some of their Belgian chocolate sauce on top. This would make the entire culinary experience even tastier. Can you imagine that?

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