Cereal & Flakes: The Perfect Place for Cereal Lovers


Contrary to popular belief, cereal is not just for breakfast; people who love cereal are ready to eat it anytime, anywhere. Despite the fact that most restaurants and cafes in Egypt don’t offer cereal, we decided to find a place that does, and we’re glad to say it’s a mission accomplished.

The good news is that your regular bowl of cereal just got an upgrade, and now you can have it with the toppings of your own choice at Cereal & Flakes. Located in Degla, Maadi, it’s a place that serves all kinds of cereal as a main dish in the most creative combinations.

Upon entering, we felt like the place was cozy yet modern, with framed cereal boxes hanging on the walls. In addition to trying out their cereal, we asked for some pancakes, but they said their pancakes were out of stock and would be restocked in about 35 minutes. Unfortunately, we were in a hurry so we couldn’t stick around.

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We ordered some Frosties Flakes, along with some orange juice as well as their signature dish called Flake This Brownie.

Five minutes later, the orange juice was served in a large cup with ice; it tasted really fresh, which was a good choice for the morning. Interestingly enough, the Frosties Flakes were served deconstructed; with the cereal arriving in a bowl and the milk arriving in a separate jar.

The Orange Juice

As cereal fans, we prefer the basic bowl of cereal, but you can get creative by adding sauces such as caramel or chocolate sauce, fruit such as kiwi or apples, or nuts such almonds and walnuts. Alternatively, you could also go for a healthier option like Fitness Flakes with some yogurt.

Frosties With Milk

After we finished the cereal, they brought in the Flake This Brownie, which is basically a combination of Frosties Flakes with tiny brownie cubes, chocolate sauce, walnuts, and a scoop of ice cream along with milk for pouring into the bowl. It was extremely delicious; the brownies were moist and the ingredients all complemented each other, offering a dish that was both thrilling and tempting.

Flake This Brownie

Cereal & Flakes offers an innovative idea that our beloved Cairo was missing, it will change your idea about cereal and now that we’ve tasted what they have to offer, we will be hanging out there for quite some time.

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