Celebrities and Artists We Lost to Suicide


September 10 marks the World Suicide Prevention Day, and on this day it’s important to spread awareness of the importance of seeking professional help and talking to others about mental health issues and struggles. Around 800,000 individuals die of suicide every year, and the rate has increased by 60 percent over the last 45 years. Most people who are susceptible to suicidal thoughts may seem happy on the outside, but that’s not always the case; and these talented celebrities we lost to suicide are proof of that.


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Despite her successful singing career, the Egyptian-born singer took her own life in 1987, leaving a note that said: "Life is unbearable for me... Forgive me."

Robin Williams

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In 2014, the world was shocked when the famous Good Will Hunting star committed suicide after his battle with mental health associated with Parkinson’s disease.

Van Gogh

While Van Gogh’s artistic talent was largely driven by his ability to reflect his struggles with mental illness in his art, he lost his battle and shot himself in 1890.

Marilyn Monroe

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In 1962, the famous blonde actress took her own life by drinking lethal doses of medications after her long battle with depression.

Sylvia Plath

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The American novelist was only 30 when she killed herself in 1963. It was not her first suicide attempt.

Virginia Woolf

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The great English poet and novelist drowned herself in 1941 after a long battle with depression.

Chester Bennington

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The Linkin Park singer took his own life in California in 2017 after struggling with mental illness.

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