Career Pursuit: Personal or National?

As my educational journey nears its end, big questions start to arise. The pressures of career-building entail that pivotal decisions must be taken in very short periods of time.

However, one cannot escape thinking about the location they choose to build such a career. While it might seem like a simple decision to make, it is becoming an increasingly difficult one, especially with the globalized world we are living in. Personally, having lived across three different continents, I ask myself each and every day: where do I want to pursue my career?

Although I have been abroad for some time, I still follow Egyptian news ardently. Nonetheless, every time I read such news, I am left in dismay; poor economic performance, weak calibers in charge and corrupted and bureaucratic governmental bodies that impede any sort of development.

As a matter of fact, what aches my heart the most is the huge potential this country has that is either disregarded for the lack of knowledge or trapped behind red tape. Whatever the reason is, the end result is the same: countless opportunities to modernize our ecosystem that are missed day after the other.

Thus, the problem is not in the lack of prospects but rather in the lack of knowledge and expertise that is able to utilize such opportunities to boost the Egyptian economy.

This is why I’ve decided to return back to Egypt, not because it is easier to be in the comfort zone, but because of the duty I owe to Her; the duty to make it the country we would want for our generation and for many generations to come.

The future of this country relies majorly on those who got the chance to acquire a higher education. So instead of constantly nagging about its deteriorating state, get up and contribute in its development and prosperity.

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