Cairokee’s Latest Video is Exactly What We Need Right Now


One of the fundamental purposes of art is to bring humankind’s unspoken struggles to the surface, and Cairokee never fails to do that.

In their latest music video<,a> of the song A Drop of White directed by Taimour Taimour, they tackled a very sensitive social stigma about HIV.

The video tells the story of a family of three, a father, mother, and their son. The father is a drug addict and as a result gets infected with HIV and passes it on to his wife and son. The son (Ahmed Malek) later on grows and falls in love with a girl (Salma Abu Deif), but becomes scared of rejection, until she eventually accepts and supports him and we see a happy ending.

The happy ending here delivers a crucial message about the struggle; HIV is something people can adapt to with the help of professionals, and they can still have partners who love and accept them. This helps erase the image that an HIV patient will die alone because of their condition.

It also matches the song’s name; shedding light on the fact that acceptance and support could give someone hope throughout their battle with the disease.

The video also raises awareness that HIV can be transmitted through various ways by blood, not only through sexual intercourse as believed. It also show that the disease cannot be transmitted through touching in order to reassure viewers who might be too afraid to interact with an HIV patient.

Cairokee have always used their art to send their audience positive messages, and In my opinion the music video is better than a thousand ads; it was just what we needed to see.

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