Blade Runner 2049: An Epic Sequel to an All-Time Classic


It usually takes a couple of years for a sequel to see the light of day, but when 35 years stand between both films, one of which is an all-time classic, it automatically becomes the topic of the hour, as is the case with Blade Runner 2049.

Picking up where the former film left off, Blade Runner 2049 retrieves the dystopian universe of the 1982 classic with a young police officer named K, who starts a journey of discovery after tackling some odd occurrences in his last purging mission. As he follows the trails of the unusual anomalies, he ends up tracking Rick Deckard, who has been missing since the closing events of the first movie.

For 35 years, Blade Runner remained an iconic film due to the distinctive gloom of its world. Despite the significant development of technology and visual effects since the 80’s, no modern Sci-fi feature has managed to give its structure that much authenticity and uniqueness, which have always been Blade Runner’s features. So it was natural for fans of the film to have mixed feelings towards a 35-year-old sequel, due to the numerous mediocre revivals and remakes Hollywood keeps yielding. However, Blade Runner 2049 surpassed the highest of expectations, with the potential to become 2017’s best movie to date.

For a Sci-Fi film, Blade Runner 2049 constructed its story on a relatively slow narrating rhythm, which might strike the audience as unusual at first, but so is the whole Blade Runner universe; exceptional. Following this, the film exquisitely utilized long minutes of silence throughout its runtime to profoundly speak of its intangibles, which indulged viewers into the mood of the film and highlighted the excellence in visuals, acting and music.

Through every single scene in the 150-minute film, director Denis Villeneuve enriched his frames with the enchanting visuals and design of the futuristic Blade Runner universe that were in perfect sync with the 80’s production. In addition to that, the film took advantage of diverse color palettes that vividly conveyed the dusky coldness of the noir Blade Runner and the dusty clutter of Blade Runner 2049, which offered great cinematography to feast our eyes on.

Going along the film’s gloomy theme, Villeneuve used dimmed setups for several shots, which could’ve been harmful to the visual pillar of the film. However, the expertise of the Canadian director assisted him in employing darkness for his own benefit, resulting in many emotionally intense sequences that spiced up the visual identity of his pictures. On the other hand, Villeneuve significantly equipped the film with his genuine projections to the future and its highly-developed gadgets. This was due to his perfect integration of all the depicted technological utilities of the year 2049 within the film’s theme and plot, benefiting the final output.

Movie endings are always a crucial interval in the runtime as they can make or break an audience member's impression, and if one remarkable trait characterizes Villeneuve’s work, it’d be that he definitely knows how to conclude a film! Following his outstanding endings of Prisoners and Arrival, the emotional closing minutes of Blade Runner 2049 will leave you euphoric, shivery and absolutely stunned.

Blade Runner 2049 features an impeccable performance from Ryan Gosling, who was in complete harmony with his character. It’s fair to categorize his personification among this year’s best, with a fair chance of earning an Oscars nomination. Harrison Ford and Jared Leto weren’t any less marvelous, especially for the former who successfully revisited his Rick Deckard character for the first time since 1982. Ana de Armas also delivered a lovable appearance through her duo with Gosling, which was quite appealing.

The musical element in Blade Runner 2049 was also a key player in the experience, which was inevitable since it was composed by Hans Zimmer. Alongside composer Benjamin Wallfisch, they refined the soundtrack of the 1982 film, producing a superb correlated score that maintained the audible personality of Blade Runner.

Due to its flawless structure, Blade Runner 2049 has surely granted its entry to the list of the best productions of the year, and the Oscars nominations as well. Try to catch it in cinemas, but first make sure to recap with original.

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