Battle of the Bands Season 2: The Grand Finale


Now that the World Cup has come to an end, the moment underground music fans have been waiting for is finally here: Etisalat’s Battle of the Bands is concluding its second season with a bang this weekend!

The annual event allows independent musicians to compete and perform live in front of a massive audience. To sign up for the battle, bands send in video submissions for a chance to sing in the Etisalat studio. After a long selection process, two bands are then picked for the finale, where one is crowned the winner through an online poll.

This year’s finale, which will be held at Dandy Mega Mall on 20 July, will witness a much-anticipated face off between two Egyptian bands: Tonat, an oriental fusion band from Aswan, and Kawkab, a rock band based in Cairo.

The event will also feature appearances by Egypt’s Nubian hip hop band Black Thema and rapper Abu Yusuf, as well as Jordanian rock bands Autostrad and Jadal.

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