Artkhana Sheds Light on Egypt's Underground Bands

Some unfamiliar tunes, new rhythms and good food -that was the spirit at Artkhana's event on Friday! Six underground bands gathered up to show off their talents and entertain the audience with their originals and covers.

Artkhana's campaign "Men Gheir Faltara” (Without Filters) was launched recently, encouraging underground musicians to hop on an exciting ride to publicity. They have decided to launch this event in an attempt to support the underground music scene in Egypt, allowing audiences to be exposed to different genres of music.

Each with its different genre and style, the six bands took their fair turn on stage.

1- Shaghaf

Shaghaf is a three-member alternative/indie rock band that plays covers and originals. They perform in small gigs and events like Artkhana’s. We talked with them about the idea behind Artkhana’s campaign, and Youssef Azzam said, “I believe that some bands have started becoming too commercial and drifted away from the path they have originally taken. They don’t play the music they want to. Through the campaign and the event, we hope to support the underground music scene in Egypt with Artkhana.”

2- Arpaige

Artkhana surprised the crowd with a performance of their own. From covers of famous English songs, to mash-ups and Arabic songs, the Artkhana music team made sure to leave a good first impression on the crowd.

3- Khayal

Formed in 2013, this Arabic rock band have been on a highway to success, breaking all barriers and attracting audiences from various age groups. The group of friends released their very first album last year, and it has reached a lot of car playlists. Khayal believes that what Artkhana is trying to do is truly beneficial, and that “it sheds the spotlight on musicians who are still not well-known,” said Ezz Tarek.

4- Sada That

Previously known as EgoZ, this indie rock/alternative/new wave band has surely taken the crowd off their feet. The band released their 4-track EP a few months ago. Hany Must, the lead vocalist of the band, encourages everyone to “open their minds to new music, new energy, and not restrict themselves to what is already available.” He also sends a message out to musicians: “Try to play different music and tackle different sounds that people haven’t tackled yet in this country. If you do that, you’re gonna be known for what you have, rather than what you copy.”

5- Code Masr

This rock fusion band left a mark in people’s hearts last year after winning the Battle of The Bands. It has definitely given them enough experience and exposure to keep them going! However, they won’t be using that in making an album, but they will be releasing singles and video clips very soon. For them, Artkhana’s event has helped audiences in recognizing that there are other music genres being played.

6- Hawas Band

The band has been playing alternative music since 2014, and has taken part in big festivals like D-CAF 2017. Even though they were the last on stage, they were able to keep people excited even after six hours of ongoing tunes!

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