Are Playgrounds Disappearing?


A few days ago, I went to the doctor for a check-up. I stayed at the waiting area, where 90 percent of the people were mothers, with kids coming to visit their pediatrician.

A few minutes after I arrived, I found it strange that a place with such an amount of kids was that quiet. I looked around and found out the reason behind such quietness; every single kid in the room - whether a year, or seven years old, was playing on an electronic device.

Not a single one was reading a book, playing with blocks, talking with their family members or even interacting with other kids.

I found it very strange that with all these kids, no one got excited to initiate a game, run, laugh and play around as kids would normally do.

Honestly speaking, in the back of my mind, I blamed the parents and found their attitude very strange.

Yes, I’m not in a position to blame anyone, and maybe I don’t know how hard it is to wait at the doctor’s clinic with a kid, but I know that staying that long on an electronic device damages the eyes, I know that reading a book is definitely more useful, that making new friends and talking with people helps kids develop more than anything else.

Thinking about it, I now know why people nowadays go out and stay on their phones rather than speak with one another - because this is what they learnt when they were kids.

This is very sad, and the scene at the clinic made me understand that this is not changing anytime soon, only getting worse by the day.

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