Andrea New Giza: The Perfect Place for Dining on Top of Cairo


Andrea has long been the go-to place for grilled chicken lovers. But now that it’s in New Giza, the food is no longer the most attractive thing about the place; it’s the restaurant’s new location and design, which are simply exquisite.

Positioned on top of a hill, it has a perfect view overlooking Cairo, with all the tables set in an outdoor area under canopies to protect you from the sun. Luckily for us, the weather was just perfect! It’s also very spacious, meaning that you shouldn’t worry about not finding a table; just relax and enjoy the positive scenery provided by the colorful plants.

As soon as we arrived there, we found someone ready to find us a suitable table. After scanning the menu, we noticed that there were only four options for the main course. However, the place offers many appetizers and salads to choose from.

If you’ve ever been to Andrea, you’d know that they bake the freshest, most delicious bread ever, which is why we had to order eggplant salad and baba ghanoush to eat along with it. We also ordered the spicy mombar and salty herring, which were both so delicious they got us excited for the main course. We can’t really say the same about the vine leaves, as their dry texture left us wishing we’d brought a tastier homemade version with us instead.

As soon as we were finishing up the appetizers, our main courses arrived. We had ordered one grilled half chicken and one shish tawook, which were directly placed onto our plates from the grill. Both dishes were perfectly grilled and seasoned, leaving the chicken tender and juicy. The portions were just enough considering we had already had some appetizers, but other than that you might find yourself ordering some extra crispy fries to fill up your tummy.

When the sun started to set, we sat back in our chairs as our plates were being cleared and started observing the view while drinking tea and enjoying the soothing music. Other families sitting around us also started sending their kids to Andrea’s play area to either play or take a ride on the donkey.

Overall it was a very pleasurable experience that offered great value for money, and it was definitely worth the long drive. Just make sure you don’t crave their grilled cuisine too often or you’ll end up with holes in your pockets.

Andrea also irregularly offers oriental breakfast, but you’ll have to call first to make a reservation.

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