An Open Letter to Egypt's Christians

I’m not going to say the same things you’ve gotten used to hearing from everyone over the last few months.

I’m not going to talk about how these tragic events should not let us turn against each other and that we are one nation. You’ve already heard that, and that’s not what you need to hear right now.

I’m not going to get defensive and talk about how the barbarians who carry out these horrific acts do not represent Islam. You’ve already heard that, and that’s not what you need to hear right now.

And I don’t have enough political knowledge to talk about how we can fix this or why it’s happening.

I just want to say that I am so sorry that this is happening to you.

I’m sorry that a bunch of faceless cowards think they’re pleasing God when they inflict harm upon you in these barbaric ways.

I’m sorry that our country’s shameful TV channels were too greedy to even spare one day of programming out of respect for your deceased.

I’m sorry that an ignorant, idiotic segment of our society thinks it’s okay to treat you like second-class citizens. I admit that I was never fully aware of your struggle because it’s not something we usually talk about, and I’m sorry about that too.

Most importantly, I’m sorry that you’ve been deprived of the basic human right to live in your own country or go to your place of worship without fearing for your life.

I’m sorry that even though so many of us non-Christians are also devastated by what’s going on, it doesn’t even come close to how you must be feeling. I can’t imagine how scared you must feel when you’re going to church with your family or when you send your children off to school.

Please believe me when I tell you to have faith in how much we care about stopping this, even if we don’t know how to. Please believe me when I tell you that so many of us believe in humanity; that we disregard any external factors like religion, gender, nationality or race. We are all the same, all descendants of Adam and Eve, and all deserving of the same rights.

Please believe me when I tell you that you’re still surrounded with love, and that this love overpowers hate.

I am unable to put myself in your shoes, but I promise you, you are not fighting this alone, and your struggle is not taken lightly.

I know none of this fixes anything, but I felt like you needed to hear it.

I’m sorry, and my condolences to you.

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