Amr Diab: An Egyptian Icon's Fashion Journey

When you hear the name Amr Diab, you automatically feel like you’re taking a trip down memory lane, because there isn’t a person in the Middle East who doesn’t know the legend himself.

Amr Diab is a huge fashion icon and a trendsetter with a ton of die-hard followers. He always starts a new trend with every album, and it is not just about the clothes; he also creates new hairstyles and accessories that guys always fall in love with.

His new album releases are now an annual event that people wait for from year to year to see what else el-hadaba will do. So let’s go on a trip through time to look over the trends he’s set for us throughout the years. Prepare for some serious nostalgia!

Hala Hala (September 1986)

With the high-neck shirt and the huge lapels, he created a new suit look that many men followed, along with a hairstyle that defined the 80’s look. The look stayed on trend for about four years after the album release.

Ice Cream x Gleem (September 1991)

The iconic black leather jacket that ruled the streets of Egypt! Every guy at this time dreamed of owning the same jacket and when they bought it they treated it like a treasure. They all rode motorcycles while wearing the black jacket, and we must admit that the movie is iconic of that time.

Ayamna (September 1992)

One year later, he dropped this great album on us and amazed us with the pop yellow shirt and the gold embellished belt. He dared the norm with this color and but kept the same hairstyle to give us a familiar, nostalgic feeling.

Nour el Ein (September 1996)

The album was a huge hit in the music world, with songs like Nour el Ein that we all fell in love with. Nobody in the Middle East didn’t dance to this tune! He also didn’t miss the chance to set a new trend; he amazed us with the wet sleek hair and the white casual suit in the clip.

Tamaly Ma’ak (July 2000)

The whole white look was a trend set by the legend himself, but he didn’t stop there. He started the facial hair trend that made all the hairdressers rich because of it. It was the 2000s and he needed to rebrand himself, so he started the casual looks that everyone remembers till now. As for the clip of the song itself, he created the iconic pullover look that every guy imitated the whole winter.

Aktar Wahed (September 2001)

Just one year passed and he dropped another album that amazed not only us, but the whole world. He created the bleached hair tips that made hairdressers even richer. It was a very iconic ‘do that no one at that time dared to do.

Ana 3ayesh Clip (2003)

The clip may have confused us, but it made us want to embrace the pullover and ice-cap combo. The trend was epic enough that ice-caps were the most sold accessory that year.

El-Lila Dy (September 2007)

The album inspired the guys to hit the gym and get the beach body of their dreams. The necklace that all the guys wore that year, the modern hairstyle and the amazing tan -it was all epic.

Ma’ady el Nas (2017)

With a shirt that everyone is going crazy about, to a hairstyle that makes him looks amazing and the tattoo that everybody wants to recreate, he set the newest trend this summer and people are literally going crazy and running around to buy the shirt that he wore on the cover. Even other brands started to get on board with the trend and created a lot of products with the same print.

After all, he is AMR DIAB; the one and only with the power to shape an entire generation. He is immortal and stylish -a true icon that represents Egyptian music.

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