After 40 Years: Abdel Halim's House Finally Opens


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March 30th, 2017 marks the 40th remembrance day for El-Andaleeb El-Asmar. Forty years have passed since the death of the remarkable and loved Abdel Halim Hafez. However, his songs still remain to be heard. This icon is timeless, on the day of his anniversary, a long banner laid upon the balconies of his building. A picture and slogan accompanied by some of his best pieces were chanted in the street.

On this day, they opened the gates of his house where people were invited to reminisce the nostalgia of this legend. The walls outside his apartment were adorned with writings from people who still remember him and his songs. The house is rich in its decor, from the violin drawings decorating the ceiling, to the frame of each painting depicting his life through time. A flock of people going in and out of the apartment, and happy faces of the remaining members of his family were inviting people in. It was a celebration; a celebration of achievement, love and culture. People from all around the city stood beneath the building singing along the songs, others stood imagining the times when he lived there surrounded by these walls.

His room had what was left of his memory; the old radio, his house phone and the Oud instrument he used to perform his songs. His hairdresser is what catches the eye as soon as one goes in, as it had many of his certificates and prizes, one of them being from former President Gamal Abdel Nasser.

His fans weren't just the people who lived during his time, as there were many young adults who are familiar with his songs and came to celebrate.

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