A Generation Cursed by Technology

During the last few weeks, I went out with my friends to attend two different parties. We were all gathered; friends we only meet during summer, friends we haven’t met for years, friends we see everyday...

During the two outings, we were going “supposedly” to see the performances of well-known singers, and to spend some good time together in general.

As soon as the singers came out on stage, I went to our table to get my eyeglasses from my bag to be able to see properly. It took me less than a minute to look for my glasses in the bag, but when I was done and looked back at the people around me, I was shocked.

Almost every single person in the venue was holding their phones, taking pictures and videos and posting them on social media.

No one was properly watching the singer perform, everyone was watching them through their screens.

No one was talking with the person next to them.

People were focused on the captions they were writing, on the filter they’ll add and on the type of video/picture they’re taking.

For a few minutes, I stood there upset about what we’ve become; we care more about posting on social media and showing others where we are and what we do than enjoying the moment and enjoying ourselves.

Pictures are made to remind us of the memories after several years -but what if we haven’t even enjoyed the event at the time we took the picture? What if we don’t recall after certain years the fun we had that night? What if we don’t remember what made us laugh with our friends because we were too busy to talk to them?

We’re a generation that does not know where to stop; it’s definitely normal to take pictures and show everyone what we do, but not when it makes us forget to enjoy our time.

I won’t claim I don’t do this. I definitely do. I belong to this generation. I unfortunately hold my phone almost all day, check pictures everywhere, edit the ones I’ll post and chat with my friends.

But a long time ago, when I realized how much social media destroys us, our relationships and our lives, I controlled myself and exerted an effort to go back to enjoying myself as much as I needed to.

And now, I really hope everyone realizes that soon. Not for anything but themselves. For themselves to not regret it years later.

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