9 Ways to Support Animal Welfare in Egypt


Animals are precious creatures that enrich our lives in so many ways. Unfortunately, not everyone understands this fact and thus many animals - whether on the streets or in pet shops - face abuse. This is why we need to raise awareness on the importance of animal welfare, and these are nine good ways to start.

1. Adopt, Don’t Shop

Adopt a homeless cat or dog and give them a loving home away from the harsh conditions of the street. You can adopt them directly from the streets, from a shelter, or from someone who can’t take care of their pets anymore. To ensure their safety, take them to the vet and make sure they’re vaccinated and healthy. Check out these adoption groups on Facebook or visit an animal shelter.

2. Feed Homeless Animals

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If you see homeless animals in your area make sure to feed them. It doesn’t have to be fancy, these poor souls are always hungry and they’ll settle for whatever you have. It can be your leftovers or some inexpensive dry food that you can get from any pet shop. Just make sure the food is safe for them first.

3. Donate to Animal Shelters and Rescue Centers

Credits to Habiba and Friends animal shelter

There are many animal shelters and rescue centers like Little Paws, Pet's Haven Animal Shelter, HOPE - Egyptian Baladi Rescue & Rehabilitation, Second Chance for Stray Pets in Egypt, ESMA (Egyptian Society for Mercy to Animals), Unleashed Rescue for Stray Dogs in Egypt, and Habiba and Friends Animal Shelter. Make sure you support them however you can; it could be through your money, food, or time.

4. Join an Animal Welfare Community

There are many animal rights communities in Egypt that care for animals and work with legal authorities such as Animal Rights Watch in Egypt, Pet Shop Watch Egypt,and S.P.A.R.E (Society for the Protection of Animal Rights in Egypt). Join one and help make a difference.

5. Report Animal Abuse

If you see incidents of animal abuse in a pet shop, zoo, or anywhere else you can report it to the General Organization for Veterinary Services (19561) and Shakwa.

6. Report Illegal Selling

Some animals and sea creatures like sea turtles, lions are sold illegally, so they should be reported to the Ministry of Environmental Affairs and Shakwa. .

7. Raise Awareness

Spread the word among friends, family, and coworkers on the importance of animal welfare and urge them to support local shelters as well.

8. Take Part in the TNR Initiative

Trap, Neuter, Return (TNR) initiatives aim to neuter stray animals and release them in order to control populations. This can help reduce the number of homeless animals on the street and help us as a community take better care of them.

9. Boycott Products Tested on Animals

Stay away from beauty products that get tested on animals and go for cruelty-free ones; you’ll be making a great difference in the market with your money.

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