900 Degrees: A Scrumptious Neapolitan Experience in the Heart of New Cairo


When it comes to food, Cairo is capable of surprising you with its hidden gems. That’s why this week we decided to continue exploring and we stumbled upon a tiny place that will take you straight to Naples, Italy.

900 Degrees is a new restaurant that serves wood-fired Neapolitan cuisine, mainly pizza and pasta. However, before we tell you about our experience we have to explain that this kind of pizza is different as it has a special dough and it’s made differently than the pizza in other Italian cities, so we were told to expect something completely new.

Located in Downtown Mall, New Cairo, the place gives you the option to either sit outside and enjoy the weather or inside where the action happens. Curious to see the baking process, we sat inside with a nice view of the wood-fired oven.

For starters we ordered the Fried Mozzarella as well as the Garlic Bread, which came after only nine minutes, so we were already impressed with the quick service. The Fried Mozzarella was really good because the crust was salty enough to complement the mild flavor of the mozzarella. The Garlic Bread was also impressive; it was topped with fresh garlic and gooey mozzarella, and the bread was moist owing to the butter.

For the main course we ordered a half Margarita/half Picante pizza (which comes in one size only) and the Chicken Pesto Pasta. They arrived shortly after the appetizers, and the waiter was right; the pizza is so different! The Neapolitan mozzarella has no salt, the crust is really thin and the tomato sauce doesn’t have that usual sourness we’re used to; its flavor was a bit garlicky. The Picante Pizza was topped with pepperoni, which added to the taste even more.

The pasta, however, was our favorite. Prepared with pesto sauce and cooked in cream, the generous portion of chicken was well-cooked, and the seasoning of the sauce was flavorful, with parmesan cheese on top to finish the deal.

We had some room for dessert afterwards, and although they serve many savory options they only had Nutella Pizza or Crème Brulee as the dessert options. We decided on the latter and it was a really good choice. It came in a relatively big glass bowl; upon tasting it we were disappointed with the top coat as it was over burnt, but the inside was creamy and really tasty.

One thing to be careful about when you go is that they use a lot of garlic, so if you have an issue with that you should adjust your order. Plus, the restaurant’s doors are open so this makes the flies impossible to ignore, but you can just ask that they close it during your meal.

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Despite its small size, 900 Degrees offers a new culinary experience that you have to try at least once. The prices are a bit high, but you know you’ll be receiving good quality food and generous portions.

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