8 Winter Trends Every Man Needs to Try


The season of layering is here, and it’s time to revisit your winter wardrobe. The fashion world is always prepared when fall/winter is about to start, and this season is a game-changer.

This winter, it’s all about over the top fur, flashy red colors, and leather chic. These trends are so iconic that they will be stapled into every man’s fashion book. We’ve gathered this season’s top winter trends so you can begin your winter in style!

80’s Retro

Vintage, retro or classic -no matter what you call it, one thing is for sure: we're all in love with this trend. It is easy to achieve with some pieces that may already be in your wardrobe. From faded colors to tucked in knitted sweaters -it’s all there. Time to dig into your father’s wardrobe for some trendy treasures!

Artistic Vibes

Colorful, printed garments are so hot to wear this season, and they are a great attention grabber. Designers got inspired from art paintings, resulting in art pieces in the form of clothing. So if you are an art lover, you will definitely enjoy this trend.

Serious Business

Business looks were never interesting before, but this season, business suits are going in a whole new direction. It is not about a dapper gentleman anymore; it is more about the modern businessman and his daily needs. It is amazing how you can modernize a simple suit with some sharp patterns.

Luxury Fur

Who doesn’t love fur? You might think it is a little bit feminine, but it is totally the opposite. Fur is a sign of luxury and class, so it is the best element to elevate an outfit. And if you're an animal lover who doesn't want to feel guilty about his fashion choices, faux fur now comes in all colors and forms, so you’re all set!

Padded Jackets Galore

It is everywhere and on every runway; padded jackets are one of those pieces that just keep coming every winter. They’ve been trendy for three or four seasons and are guaranteed to keep you warm through the chilly weather.

Dashing Red

This is the kind of color that designers challenge us to rock every season, so are you up to the challenge? It is not that easy to pull off, but it is a promising trend that you need to try. The best thing about the trend is that it isn’t just about super flashy red; it includes all its shades.

Funky Rock and Roll

Who doesn’t love some rock and roll in his life? We have always been fans of rock bands like Queen and the Rolling Stones, so why not try stepping into their shoes? Including leather in your outfit adds a fun edge; maybe you could give your jackets a new kick and look like a rock star.

Comfy Tracksuits

Sportswear and streetwear both have something in common right now: the tracksuit. This is the new hit in the fashion world, with all the brands trying to grab a slice. You can now wear tracksuits to the mall and everywhere else with no regret or shame. You can dress it up or dress it down; it will always look stylish.

Whether it is as formal as a suit or as casual as a tracksuit, the importance is the attitude you carry with your clothes.

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