8 Signs It’s Time You Quit Your Job


Your career is a huge part of your adult life, so it’s important to try to find a job that you enjoy and learn from. However, sometimes you get accepted at a company but end up feeling like a corporate slave instead of feeling accomplished.

Because life is too short to waste doing something you don’t like, watch out for these eight red flags that show it’s time to send in your resignation!

1. You Can’t Wait for Weekends, Always!

People would be lying if they told you that they never wait for weekends to rest or sleep in. But to you, it is more than just resting; you can’t wait for weekends because you resent what you do during weekdays.

2. You Check Your Watch a Gazillion Times a Day

It’s not a good sign if you keep checking your watch every ten minutes. What better proof to show that you desperately want to go home?

3. You Are the Master of Excuses and Procrastination

It is what you do best; you walk around giving excuses on why you haven’t done that report or why you haven’t been replying to emails. Instead of doing your work, you just run away from your responsibilities as fast as you can.

4. You Are Always Seeking Alternatives

Even though you may think that you actually like your job, you always check other vacancies somewhere else. You always compare your job to other people’s and think their jobs are more interesting than yours.

5. You Feel Overqualified

Even though this job was suitable for you at some point in time, it now seems super easy and boring. You are not challenged by the work and there’s nothing new you can learn.

6. You Always Talk Negatively About it

Your friends think that you are a drama queen for always whining about your bad day at work or how you don’t want to go anymore. At this point, you won’t just have a job that you dislike, you may lose your friends as well.

7. You Dislike the Culture

Instead of feeling like you are in your comfort zone and that you belong to this place, you just feel detached. The culture is not like what you expected and spending time with your coworkers consumes too much energy.

8. You don’t Feel Appreciated

It is very discouraging when you are trying to go the extra mile and your boss doesn’t appreciate it. Even if you already know that you are great at what you do, it is still motivating to hear it from your boss.

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