8 American Comedies Egyptians Can Totally Relate To


American productions have always been appealing to international audiences, whose affection for such films transcended the borders of language, culture and beliefs. Such interactions with what Hollywood yields may vary with the global popularity of their stories and genres. However, it’s comedy that always finds its way to the viewers, regardless of the topics addressed and their familiarity.

Despite the cultural differences between the two nations, the content of American comedies has shown some characteristics that repeatedly pop up in every Egyptian’s daily routine. We’ve gathered the eight most relatable American films to demonstrate how mutual our behaviors can be, and that maybe we’re not that different after all!

1- Meet the Parents

If you think that your father-in-law is a hard person to deal with, then you should watch Meet The Parents and feel thankful that he doesn’t know about this one. The 2001 feature centers its events on the traditional stories of fathers-in-law giving their future sons-in-law a hard time before proceeding with marriage arrangements. However, these conflicts escalate when the father turns out to be a retired CIA agent whose trust is only earned by passing lie detector tests. Through its authentic portrayal of such an aspect, the film’s proceedings display our exact same behaviors in relationships.

2- Ferris Bueller’s Day Off

For youngsters, skipping a school day represents an ultimate objective that successfully transcended time. Via the classic approach of claiming sickness, many have succeeded in earning their holidays while others failed to pull it off, but no one managed to do it the way Ferris Bueller did in the 1986 classic Ferris Bueller’s Day Off. The comedy film starring Matthew Broderick tells the story of a young boy who sophistically makes up a plan to skip a school day and hang out with his friends. Due to its story, the film was warmly welcomed by Egyptian youth once it was released for its story that matched their joyous tendencies.

3- Horrible Bosses

Regardless of your field of work, there must have come times when you had to skip a delightful weekend outing, a hot concert or a pleasant trip to Sahel because you were working on tons of tasks assigned from an unmerciful boss. While you may have previously sacrificed your personal pleasures to abide by his rules, Nick, Dale and Kurt seem to differ, as they choose to avenge themselves by going against their vicious superiors in Horrible Bosses. With the firm intentions to murder their bosses, the film’s trio speak of your sufferings, troubles and fantasies, so make sure to watch it -but don’t let it give you any ideas!

4- Parenthood

With the fast-paced rhythm of modern times, harmonizing parenting duties with your job’s demands, career ambitions and personal matters has become a difficult task to accomplish, even for America’s iconic comedian Steve Martin, who has shed light on this aspect in his 1989 Oscar nominated movie, Parenthood. Struggling to fulfill his role as a father, he is a 35-year-old banker who often sees himself as an incompetent father for failing to balance between his job and the needs of his children. Following this, the film goes on with its comical story, portraying the beauty of the family’s coziness and the necessity of prioritizing their needs over the rest of the world, which is something we need to remember every once in a while.

5- Anger Management

For its nature, Egypt has always been capable of interfering with the flow of planned schedules, which can sometimes irritate its citizens. Waking up to an electric cut-off followed by paralyzed morning traffic and scalding temperatures can surely get on your nerves, but could also force you into a vicious anger management program, which is what happened to Adam Sandler in his 2003 film Anger Management. The film follows the life of Dave Buznik, whose edgy reactions get him involved in a series of unfortunate events that enrolls him into an anger management program, where he ironically starts to grow more anger-related problems, so beware of your dangerous moods!

6- 10 Things I Hate About You

It was in high school when our identities started to acquire their definitive shapes based on the experiences and interactions we encountered back then, which were all uniquely examined in 1999’s 10 Things I Hate About You. Going along the Egyptian dating manual, the film bases its story on a young girl whose father prohibited her from seeing anyone till her older daughter gets involved in a relationship. The film proceeds with its story through a series of quite relatable teenage situations and characters, whose extreme variation and realism will surely immerse you in nostalgia and remind you of your former classmates.

7- What to Expect When You’re Expecting

Pregnancy months can be of great beauty, excitement and tension -all at the same time. However, this nine-month period becomes the most remarkable and memorable in one’s lifetime, despite the soreness of the mothers and the bewilderment of the fathers, and its delightful representation in What To Expect When You’re Expecting wasn’t any less charming. Through the pregnancy stories of five couples, the film thoroughly displays this experience from the different perspectives of its characters, whose comprehensive stories have profoundly tackled the good, the bad and the ugly of this time period, offering those who’ve been through this process an adequate descriptive recap.

8- Father of the Bride

Throughout history, father-daughter relationships have portrayed feelings of passionate devotion that made it among the strongest bonds ever formed, especially in Egypt for the excessive intimacy of its inhabitants. Consequently, it’s inevitable for a man whose young girl is about to get married to suffer while letting go, as in Steve Martin’s time-transcending Father Of The Bride. Through its story, the 1991 movie shows the struggles of a father whose utter love for his daughter obstructs him from approving her marriage, with a heart-touching plot that exquisitely featured the global issue of fatherly attachment.

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