7 Ways to Read on a Budget


Prices in Egypt are at an all-time high, and books are no exception. So if your wallet can’t keep up with those scary price tags in bookstores, here are seven ways to keep reading without breaking the bank.

1. Buy Used Books

You can always get the book you want for a much lower price from a used bookstore. There are so many used bookstores such as the Al-Maadi Used Books, the Vanished Library, and El Microphone to choose from.

2. Read in Exchange for a Review

If you have an Amazon or a Goodreads account, you can get free new books in exchange for reviewing them when you’re done. Check out Booktasters and become part of their community!

3. Get a Reading Membership

Many cool reading spots around Cairo let you read for free or for a low price, including cultural centers like Goethe institute, NVIC, or cool reading hubs like Maktoob.

4.Find a Nearby Public Library

Egypt has so many public libraries with amazing book collections that you can read and borrow for free or for a really low membership fee. Check out the Maadi Public Library as well as the Library of Alexandria which also offers free books on its website.

5. Borrow from a Friend

Ask a fellow bookworm to lend you some titles, but don’t forget to give them back!

6. Read the Classics

The classics are the cheapest because most of them are out of copyright. Look for works by Shakespeare, Charles Dickens, Goethe and more; you can find them for free online or in bookstores for reasonable prices.

7. Make Use of Technology

We all love the feeling of a book in our hands, but buying e-books can be much cheaper than paperback and hardcover versions. Get them on Amazon.

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