7 Unconventional Ways to Spend Valentine’s Day


Valentine’s Day celebrations become monotonous and repetitive after a few years; the fancy dinners, chocolates and roses become more of a duty rather than a gesture. We’ve rounded up a few unique Valentine’s Day ideas to combat these unadventurous ways of spending the cheesiest day of the year!

1. Become a tourist in your own city

There’s a lot to explore in this beautiful country. Why not stroll down the streets of downtown Cairo or enjoy a day at the pyramids? You’d be surprised to find out just how much you don’t know about the place you live in.

2. Have a group date at someone’s house

Why not involve your friends in your V-day celebrations? Plan a cozy night in, invite your loved ones, cook some dinner and you’re good to go!

3. Volunteer to help those in need

Use Valentine’s Day as an opportunity to give back. Pick out a charity with a friend or your significant other, and plan to spend the day together helping those in need. Whether you visit an orphanage, spend time with the elderly or decide to do an act of kindness, you’re both guaranteed to feel wonderful afterwards.

4. Make DIY gifts

Instead of blowing money on expensive gifts, create something sentimental that would last a lifetime. This way, your partner will appreciate your efforts more. You could also craft some things together that you can both enjoy.

5. Recreate your favorite memories together

What better way to spend Valentine’s Day? Choose your favorite memory together and recreate it with a little twist. You’ll feel nostalgic and you will end up loving each other even more.

6. Host a horror movie marathon

Go totally against the grain by having a horror movie marathon. Instead of watching cheesy romance movies, pop some popcorn and cozy up next to your Valentine or your friends while watching scary movies!

7. Karaoke night

Karaoke nights are always fun. Whether you’re with your loved one or with a group of friends, you’re guaranteed to have a memorable night full of good tunes and laughter!

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