7 Tips for a Better Morning Routine


Creating a sustainable morning routine and sticking to it can be key to achieving more in your day and becoming more productive. By doing this you will be sending positive signals to your body to function well during the day. Establishing a routine is definitely a habit you’ll want to pick up, and here are some tips to help you start your day fresh and ready for anything!

Catch Some Sunlight

The first thing you want to do when you wake up is to expose your body to useful sunrays from 7 AM to 10 AM, this will allow your body to make vitamin D, which boosts your mood and strengthens your bones.


Make sure you drink plenty of water, this will cleanse your body of all toxins and help digest your breakfast, and it’s also good for your skin.

Workout or Stretch

Doing 10 minutes of yoga, running or rope jumping will do wonders in your day. It will make you feel incredibly energetic and your body will thank you for this.

Listen to Music

Listening to some of your favorite music is a proven method to get you in the mood for work and lifting up your spirits instantly.

Eat a Healthy Breakfast

Don’t ever skip breakfast, instead eat a healthy balanced meal that has veggies or fruits for some vitamins, simple carbs and some nuts for healthy fats. This will make you feel full throughout the day and will balance your sugar blood level.

Eliminate Decision-Making Time

Don’t confuse your brain with a bunch of preparations that can be a waste of time, instead try preparing everything before you go to bed, your outfit, your breakfast, your to-go bag etc. This helps decrease the time you spend on deciding.

Take Notes

Take a minute or two to write down some notes of things you want to do during the day, this will freshen up your memory and will help you remember better.

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