7 Signs You Might Have Anxiety


Almost half of the Earth’s population struggle with mental illnesses, anxiety being one of them. There are many types of anxiety, but they all share similar symptoms. Many of us may have anxiety and just refer to it as stress and consider it normal. However, if you experience these symptoms, it might be time to consult a professional for a better diagnosis.

General Fatigue

You’re not as energetic as you used to be, and you always feel tired, even after doing minimal work or a small task.

Irrational and Constant Fear

You are always afraid something bad is going to happen to you, even in situations where others might not feel the same way.

Fast Heartbeat

You experience an abnormally fast heartbeat when you haven’t done any physical exercise, and it might even happen in your sleep.

Concentration Problems

You have trouble concentrating on any work that requires focusing and attentiveness.

Stomach Issues

You experience problems in your digestive system, such as irritable bowel syndrome.

Trouble Sleeping

You either sleep too much or too little, or have a hard time falling asleep or maintaining a good sleep routine.

Suicidal Thoughts

If you experience any suicidal thoughts, you need to talk to someone about it and see a doctor - even if you don’t plan on going through with it.

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