7 Season Premieres to Look Forward to in the Coming Months

Not so long ago, the popularity of TV shows took a huge turn for the better, acquiring a wider fan base all across the globe. This change was mainly due to the recent enhancements in the industry of televised content, with the expansion in production budgets and the conveyed cinematic picture. After frequently hosting Hollywood’s movie stars in its series and exporting several overlooked talents to cinema, the TV industry turned into a distinguished artistic milestone, which only increased its earnings among critics and audience.

Initiating this year’s competitive TV season with new episodes of Sherlock, Fargo, Suits and Game Of Thrones was only the beginning of a lot more to come, with great potential for quality and uniqueness. Whether you binge on Netflix productions for hours or still hold on to the authenticity of weekly episodes, your list of anticipations is probably filled to the brim. However, if you’re still unaware of what shows you should keep an eye on, this list shall provide you with an overview of the most important show returns in the coming months!

1- Stranger Things

It’s habitual for every year to highlight new acting talents, whether in cinema or TV. However, 2016 was distinguished for featuring five lovable kids in the leading roles of Netflix’s Stranger Things. In line with its descriptive title, the show narrates a series of odd events that follow the mysterious disappearance of a school boy after some peculiar interventions from unknown parties. The episodes proceed with the impact of the incident on his friends, family and community, with a quest to reunite with the missing boy with his mother. After only a few episodes, the audience was already falling for the young faces of the awarded show, which had us waiting for next October for the premier of its second season.

2- Black Mirror>

Topping most projects that tackled the negative aspects of technology, Black Mirror worthily joined the elite list of Netflix productions that enriched the field’s mainstream quality and raised its standards. Basing the show on independent stories that feature the brutality of futuristic technological innovations, the show’s creator managed to keep us hooked for three seasons of catchy narrations and a dazzling construction of events. In addition to that, starring roles occasionally went to cinematic stars as John Hamm, Bryce Dallas Howard, Domnhall Gleeson and Daniel Kaluuya, which enhanced the show’s popularity. Specific dates aren’t yet announced, but it was confirmed that the fourth season will be premiered this year, which is more than enough of a reason to stay tuned for the next few months.

3- How to Get Away With Murder

After a career-changing role in 2011’s The Help, Viola Davis became a significant figure that equips her projects with valuable performances. Consequently, it was inevitable for a series she leads to enjoy the wide acclaims of critics and audience. Crafted in mysterious moods, How To Get Away With Murder presents the cold reality of crime and justice, telling the story of a group of law students and their professor after their involvement in a complicated murder plan. In addition to commanding the show’s promising youngsters, Viola Davis’ presence gave the show its needed debuting publicity, which was utilized later in maximizing ratings and raising anticipation for the fourth season, airing next September.

4- Mr. Robot

Since The Matrix, no project had ever succeeded in fascinating the audience with a story about hackers, until Mr. Robot saw the light of day. The show that debuted in 2015 tells the story of Elliot, a troubled yet intelligent programmer who works as a cyber-security engineer in the morning and a hacker after sunset. As the episodes proceed, things escalate for Elliot after joining an underground group that completely changes his life. Contrary to similar productions, Mr. Robot’s interesting dramatic subplots represented the show’s singularity among its finest competitors, including The Matrix. It gave the show its distinct personality, aided by the neatness of Rami Malek -whose Egyptian origin is why October 11 is marked on our calendars for the third season to kick off.

5- The Crown

If you’re more into historic content, then The Crown is definitely your pick. The British show goes deep into the life of Queen Elizabeth II, highlighting her feelings, struggles and rivalries during her 20th century reign. After premiering its first season last year on Netflix, The Crown went almost unnoticed, until it was named 2016’s Best TV Series in last January’s Golden Globes. Being blessed with such great honors shortly after its release definitely boosted its ratings, so make sure to recap the 10 broadcasted episodes before the new season starts next December.

6- The Walking Dead

Just when you thought that zombie-related stories guarantee utter failure, comes a TV show to revolutionize the most frequent form of horror productions. It’s known that The Walking Dead is a survival story of a group escaping a zombie invasion. However, the show’s exquisite nature lies in its solid stories of love, hope and sacrifice, all based on the show’s insane atmospheres and resembling the format of 28 Days Later. The show managed to maintain a seven-year dominance among televised content and ignited viewers’ awaited eagerness for the eighth season on October 22.

7- Narcos

Stories of Latin outlaws have always been a favorable topic to tackle in Hollywood. From the days of Al Pacino’s Scarface till Netflix’s Narcos, such productions would always find their way to the audience, whether they were real or fiction. Based in the 20th century, Narcos centers its events on the mighty story of Pablo Escobar, one of the greatest criminals and drug dealers of all time. Through two released seasons, the show shed light on his narcotic transactions and the underground life of Latin outlaws during that era. After joining biographical elite projects, Netflix decided to extend the show for two more seasons, airing the third season on the September first and the fourth in 2018.

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