7 Places That Show Independent Movies in Egypt


Movies are a big part of our lives; they tell us stories, take us to magical places, and show us the world from a different perspective. However, cinema is a huge Industry and Hollywood blockbusters are just the tip of the iceberg. There are many small budget movies that come out every year, so check out these seven places in Egypt if you’d like to expand your horizons!

1. Zawya Cinema

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Zawya is without a doubt the most important independent movie theater in Egypt. It’s dedicated to only showing independent movies and has branches in Cairo, Alexandria and Ismailia.

2. Cimatheque - Alternative Film Centre

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Located in downtown Cairo and established in 2012, Cimatheque brings you independent movies from all over the world for a viewing experience like no other.

3. Zamalek Cinema

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Named after its location in the small island, Zamalek Cinema is a grand movie theater that mostly screens big budget movies, but they also add independent movies to their schedule.

4. Karim Cinema

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Located in downtown Cairo, Karim Cinema is a humble movie theater that offers both featured movies and independent ones.

5. Darb 1718

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Darb is a cultural hub that offers workshops and screens independent movies occasionally in Old Cairo.


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The Netherlands-Flemish Institute in Cairo is a Dutch cultural center in Zamalek that offers visitors a new movie on weekly basis. Entrance is usually free and open to the public so it’s a great way to have fun on a budget!

7. The French Institution

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The French institution continually promotes arts and culture in Egypt by screening various independent movies. You Can find it in Kasr El Aini street, Mounira.

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