7 Mysteriously Lost Civilizations of the World


Similarly to historians, the main aim of archaeologists is to help us understand our past –but sometimes their research leads to even more mysteries and unanswered questions. These are the seven ancient civilizations that have been baffling the world for as long as we can remember!

1. Atlantis

Despite Plato’s writings about its beauty and continent-sized island in 370 B.C., we’ve all been taught that Atlantis never actually existed. However, the contradiction found in the archaeologists’ description of its location led to the possibility that Atlantis may have existed before mysteriously disappearing.

2. The Mu or Lemuria

As famous as Atlantis, the lost civilization of Mu, commonly known as Lemuria, was “Eden-like,” according to Pacific Island history. The result of the ongoing debate is that the tropical paradise of Mu is said to have sunk thousands of years ago.

3. The Clovis

10,000 years ago, the Clovis, a prehistoric Paleo-Indian nation used to exist. After intense investigations and ongoing debates on whether Clovis had gathered the first human inhabitants of North America or not, archaeologists concluded that the group had suddenly disappeared

4. The Maya

The Maya civilization, which declined mysteriously in the year 900, is the best example of a civilization that was completely lost. “Its great monuments, cities, and roads swallowed up by the central American jungles,” wrote archaeologist Annalee Newitz. Some claim that climate change was the reason behind its disappearance.

5. The Indus Valley

Like Maya, it is also claimed that the Indus, commonly known as the Harappan civilization, suffered from gradual changes in rainfall patterns and climate problems, which made it difficult for its massive population to raise enough food. Thousands of years ago, the Indus Valley suddenly just vanished

6. Underwater ruins of Japan

A lost civilization in Japan was found under 20 to 100 feet of water, off the Southern coast of Okinawa. This mysterious civilization lies with large structures that are described by archeologists as natural in origin. They estimate that the sunken city was destroyed by human beings rather than natural factors.

7. The Minoans

Until the 20th Century, the Minoan civilization remained undiscovered. An unknown disaster around 1450 B.C. resulted in the downfall of the Minoan civilization of Crete which was named after Minos, the mythical king.

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