7 Habits Putting Your Career at Stake

We all have bad days at work and reach degrees of stress that drive us crazy. But here is the question: is it all because of your work peers or colleagues? Or is your attitude partly to blame?

The truth is that most of us have bad habits that we should face and change, so we’ve compiled a simple guide to help you know what habits you should avoid at the workplace.

1 - Complaining Constantly

All of us have the right to be against things that we don’t like in our jobs, but the best is to act as problem-solver, especially if you have the delegation to do so. Your complaints will be more significant and important to your boss if they feel that you are trying to brainstorm for a solution.

2 - Tittle-Tattling

Treat others the same way you like to be treated. If you engage in bad gossip about your peers, they will gossip behind your back in return. Not only that, you will also have a very bad reputation and all your gossiping will be taken against you.

3 - Dodging the Blame

Most of us try to find excuses for ourselves when we fail in order to avoid being blamed. In our inner thoughts, we are relieved that our image and reputation are perfect. But the truth is, sometimes we lie to ourselves because we can’t take responsibility for our own actions. So if something happens at work and it’s your fault, take the blame and handle it with grace.

4 - Responding Slowly

Try to respond to your emails or requests within 24 hours or less. This shows your high productivity and your respect of your client’s time. Being unable to meet deadlines causes others to lose trust in you and they get the impression that they can’t rely on you.

5 - Being Loud and Noisy

Beware of involuntary actions that may annoy your peers, such as pen tapping and excessive conversations that can drive anyone crazy. Additionally, watch your volume and the length of your calls. If a call is going to last a long time, try taking it somewhere that won’t bother others. If it’s not work related, take it outside.

6 - Mixing Work and Personal Life

Your peers don’t care at all if you’re upset about your personal life or not. You should not complain about it in the workplace. Not only is it unhealthy for you, but it also causes you to be perceived as a negative person. It also indicates that you aren’t fully concentrating on your work.

7 - Being Indecisive

If you are unable to make decisions, you won’t be able to lead your own team one day. And if you delay difficult decisions, then catastrophes will surely happen. But if you show that you are capable of making decisions, then you’ve revealed a strong, determined personality fit for leadership.

If you focus on quitting these bad habits, you'll be more focused, productive and efficient. You’ll also demonstrate better performance in the workplace and you’ll be able to enjoy your work with less stress! And who knows, there might be a promotion in your future!

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