7 Destinations to Visit This Eid (Other Than the North Coast)


What better way to spend your Eid vacation than by chilling out by the beach? While the North Coast is bound to be as crowded as Cairo this weekend, you can still relax and enjoy some peace and quiet at these five beautiful summer destinations.

1. Dahab

Dahab is the perfect getaway for people who want to experience the simplicity of Sinai. Enjoy the exotic natural lagoons, mesmerizing diving spots, and amazing scenery at Ras Abu Galloum for an experience that’s out of this world.

2. Taba

Also located in South Sinai, Taba is known for its serenity and beauty. Remember to visit the famous Fjord Bay and Saladin’s Castle to create some amazing memories!

3. Nuweiba

This charming city boasts a beautiful beach, great diving spots, and even a famous colored canyon. You can also ride camels and get a taste of Bedouin life at Ain Khudra.

4. Gouna

If you like an active nightlife, Gouna is the place to go! With its scenic artificial lagoons and broad variety of luxury cafes and restaurants, it’s the ultimate destination for escaping the stresses of everyday life.

5. Marsa Allam

It’s called Egypt’s Maldives and it is the perfect place to swim alongside dolphins and fish. If you haven’t been to Hankorab yet, you’re missing out!

6. Hurghada

The best thing about Hurghada is that it has something for everyone. Visit the Aquarium to get a close look at the rich marine life, or take a boat to Mahmya Island for a day in heaven!

7. Ras Sudr

If you don’t want to go too far this weekend, Ras Sudr is the solution. It’s only around two or three hours away from Cairo and it’s a great place to try out kitesurfing.

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