6 Things You Thought Were True That Are Actually Myths


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Gone are the days of fact checking and tracing information to its source; we go around exchanging facts that we read online and hope for the best. The notion that “if it was on the Internet, then it must be true” has taken over the global society. These six myths have been discussed for a long time and some have chosen to believe them, when in fact they are false.

1. The Great Wall of China is Visible from Space

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There is debate around this one, but while some have claimed to be able to see certain man made structures from space, the general consensus is that no human structure is clearly visible from space, only cities at night.

2. Dogs Sweat by Drooling

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Dogs do not drool to sweat; instead they sweat through their footpads. Dogs pant once they have exerted a lot of effort in order to regulate their temperature, sort of like a cooling system.

3. Bulls Are Enraged by the Color Red

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If you were to walk onto a bullfighting ring holding a black or green cape, the bull would still charge at you. While bulls are color blind and cannot distinguish red from yellow, they are in fact threatened by the movement of the fabric. In addition, they are often given a little bit of provocation before they are let into the ring; a quick electric shock gets the bull ready to charge at the man who chose this gruesome career.

4. Goldfish Have a Short Memory Span

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The myth ranges from three seconds to thirty, with dramatic claims being made that if a goldfish is dying then (due to its short memory) it believes that it has always been dying. None of that is true; goldfish have a memory span of around three months and can be trained to remember certain routes. So next time you want to claim someone has a bad memory, leave the goldfish out of it.

5. Humans and Dinosaurs Coexisted

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This can be a controversial point given that scientists know the world to be a certain age (4.5 billion years old) and the existence of other opinions to dispute this fact is still debated. Unfortunately for all your Jurassic park fantasies, humans and dinosaurs never shared the earth; science suggests that we missed each other by about 64 million years.

6. Bats Are Blind

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There is a common myth that bats are blind and only use echolocation to find their way. However, only half of that statement is true. There are over 1,200 species of bat around the world, but they can be divided into two groups for the purpose of this myth: fruit eating bats and insect eating bats. Insect eating bats use echolocation to hunt their prey, while fruit eating bats actually rely on their sense of smell and sense of sight, which is about as strong as a human’s sense of sight.

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