6 Reasons to Spay/Neuter Your Pet


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Despite the fact that spaying and neutering animals has become common practice in many countries, the Egyptian community is yet to follow. The hesitance to join in is understandable; while animal protection organizations around the world strongly recommend spaying and neutering for healthier and happier animals, some people just find it difficult to climb on board. But before you reach any conclusions, it’s important to do some research and recognize the many benefits of spaying and neutering your pet.

1.You’ll Protect Your Pet from Cancer and Infections

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Yes, animals get cancer too; whether it’s ovarian, uterine, breast or testicular cancer, the numbers are scary for both male and female animals. In fact, the fatality rate from breast cancer is 50 percent in dogs and a whopping 90 percent in cats. In addition, when female dogs and cats keep going into heat cycles without reproducing, they develop a risk of developing a life threatening uterine condition called endometriosis. When you spay your pet, you eliminate the risk of these conditions so your pet can live a longer life.

2. You’ll Prevent a Lot of Complications

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When animals go into heat and feel a natural instinct to reproduce, you will both suffer. Female cats and dogs will urinate a lot more (sometimes around the house) and attempt to find a mate outside, which puts them at risk for a number of harmful diseases and infections. Male dogs and cats will begin marking their territories at home with strong-smelling urine, and dogs in particular can become more aggressive; this behavior is very difficult to remedy once it begins. This is especially important to consider since parents or family members might threaten to re-home your pet because of the problems they cause at home, despite the fact that it’s something your pet cannot control.

3. You’ll Play Your Part in Stopping Animal Overpopulation

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It’s no secret that Egypt has a major problem in regards to stray animals. The majority of stray animals live in difficult conditions, and they are oftentimes poisoned and left to die a slow, horrible death. Instead of breeding dogs and cats (which will just bring more animals to the world), consider adopting an animal in need; they will be forever grateful to you. Remember, a balady dog will love you just as much as a husky or golden retriever would.

4. You'll Keep Your Pet Safe

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Unneutered females will find ways to leave the house to find a mate, while an unneutered male will try to roam around and potentially get into trouble. Not only will these incidents stress you out, but they will also compromise your beloved pet’s safety. Leaving the house alone is risky, especially considering the fact that many go out of their way to leave poisoned food on the street to kill stray animals.

5. You'll Pay Less in the Long Run

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Despite all the above health benefits, some people still aren’t convinced and prefer to leave their pets unneutered with the hopes that they will be one of the lucky few. Unfortunately, the costs of treating any of the potential diseases and infections above are a lot more expensive than the cost of a neutering procedure, so some people might face financial challenges (not to mention a lot of sadness and grief) when trying to treat their pets from these dangerous conditions.

6. You’ll Keep Shops and Animal Breeders at Bay

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Assuming you still choose not to get your pet neutered, another problem pops up when you end up with a litter of kittens or puppies. If you decide to keep them all, you’ll be left with never-ending expenses that are difficult to maintain. On the other hand, you might put them up for adoption and feel like you got them all good homes, but the sad truth is that you can never know. These animals might end up mistreated, abandoned, or someone might decide to breed them for money; in all cases, it’s a miserable life no animal deserves.

Do Your Own Research

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There are upsides and downsides to everything in life; surgery in itself has its own complications, but it’s important to think about the long-term risks. Talk to friends who have spayed their pets and voice your concerns to your vet. If you’re worried your pet will become overweight after being spayed/neutered, your vet can assure you that this is just a myth that can easily be debunked with proper nutrition and exercise. If you’re worried about the surgery, let them reassure you that it is a routine procedure done on millions of pets every day.

Regardless of what you choose to do, remember to think about what is best for your pet, not what your personal opinion dictates.

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