5 Word-to-the-Wise Tips on Becoming an Effective Leader


Many of us have been questioning things like what made Cleopatra so powerful or how Salahuddin was so wise. These examples raise an age-old question: are leaders born, or made? We’re not sure about the former, but the latter is definitely doable! These five tips will show you how.

1. Assess your capabilities

Like a better tomorrow or a great change all start with just a dream, effective leaders always ascertain their personal strengths to recognize what they are good at. Martin Luther King is the perfect example of a leader who assessed his personal strengths by leading the civil rights movement in the United States without violence.

2. Set goals

Effective leaders don’t just set goals, they set plans to achieve them as well. Mahatma Gandhi's goal was leading India to fight against the tyrannical British rule. By adopting Ahinsa, an attitude of non-violence, he succeeded in influencing people and achieved his goal the exact way he wanted to.

3. Walk the extra mile

Angelina Jolie, who is known for her acting career, took advantage of her wealth to give back to the less fortunate. By participating in the UNHCR to protect refugees, Jolie used her fame to inspire the world and show that you we are all capable of changing the world.

4. Make time for other people’s needs

If someone needs your advice or is suffering from a certain problem, put your phone away and your work aside and help them. Pope Francis once said, “Charity isn’t just helping others, it's a way of life!”

5. Take risks

Taking risks will help you stand out. Heather Rabbatts, the first female non-executive director of the Football Association, took a risk when she applied for her role. Even though many thought it would be impossible for her to succeed, she proved the opposite!

Maybe you are not naturally born a leader, but the skills needed to become an effective one are easy to acquire. Think big, try hard, and hold yourself responsible to succeed!

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