5 Weekend Getaways You Need to Visit


Even though Cairo has its charm, it’s important to get away once in a while and breathe some fresh air. If you’re worried about booking vacation time at work, don’t! These five weekend getaways are not too far from the capital, and they’ll give you a much-needed chance to recharge.


Located one and a half hours away from the capital, Fayoum has an allure that’s impossible to deny. You can go bird watching, fishing or sandboarding. Visit Tunis Village if you’re in the market for some gorgeous pottery!

Ras Sedr

Not more than three hours away, Ras Sedr was made for people who love water sports. Right now it is warm enough for you to sit by the beach, but not really to swim. You can also bring some board games for some old-school fun.


Alexandria is known for its beautiful scenery and historic significance. You can go visit King Farouk's Montaza Palace, the Library of Alexandria, or the famous lighthouse. It’s only two and a half hours away from Cairo by car, and that’s worth the drive for a good seafood meal.

Ein El Sokhna

Only one and a half hours away from Cairo, this is the place to go if you don’t want to do anything. Just go breathe some fresh air and have a delicious meal with a view of the sea. How can anyone say no to that?


Ismailia is famous for its great seafood, and it’s only two hours away from the capital. Renowned for its beautiful scenery and its friendly locals, the governorate has a museum that boasts around 4,000 historical objects from the Pharaonic era. You can also visit Al Malahaa Park, which has a swimming pool that is heated during the winter with a beautiful view of the sea.

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