5 Underground Egyptian Bands You Need to Check Out


The underground music scene in Egypt is no longer really underground. With cultural venues popping up all over the city, it is no longer a select few who get to hear what these bands have to say. If you’re in the market for some good live music played by passionate and committed performers, check out these five up and coming bands at a venue near you.

1. Sada That

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This band self identifies its genre as indie rock, alternative and new wave. Led by Glass Onion’s Hany Must, they are currently signed to the record label Nanopsych. Follow them on social media for performances that will offer you the fresh new sound you didn’t know you needed.

2. Janan

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Made up of a group of immensely talented musicians, Janan is an Egyptian band that aims to offer a unique sound unhindered by a specific genre. Their performances are sure to put you in a hypnotic state. Whether it’s the craftsmanship of the instrumentalists or the soothing vocals, you will love the new sound Janan brings to the table. You can catch them on 12 May at Room Art Space & Cafe.

3. Bahiyya

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The band arrangement of Bahiyya is a little different than the previous two bands. They boast a oud player, a violinist and a percussionist in addition to other instruments. They play contemporary Egyptian folk tunes as well as renditions of classical Egyptian songs, inspired by the likes of Sheikh Imam and Sayed Darwish. The band’s light hearted performances are regularly scheduled at Cairo Jazz Club, so make sure to catch them soon.

4. The GypsyJazz Project

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If you love the music of Django Reinhardt, Stephane Grappelli and Didier Lockwood, then you will be unable to resist this band. If, on the other hand, you don’t know who any of these people are, then there’s no better way to have them introduced to you than by this seven-piece band who swing to gypsy tunes at all their performances. Keep an eye out for their upcoming performances if you’re in the mood for some cheerful, upbeat tunes.

5. Dokkan

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A group of four superb musicians make up this experimental music project that blends the rocking sound of western music, with the gravitas and history that comes with Egyptian music. If you’re into Egyptian music with a twist, then Dokkan is definitely a band you need to check out. Stay tuned for some unforgettable performances and you will find their songs stuck in your head days after you’ve seen them.

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