5 Tips for Staying Healthy, as Told by Coach Ezzat


We all know how challenging it can be to slim down and eat healthy. In today’s fast-paced world, it’s getting harder and harder to fight temptations and stay on track. However, thanks to health and fitness experts like Coach Ezzat, we can learn more about how to care for our bodies and keep them in tip-top shape. Coach Ezzat shares a lot of valuable advice on his Facebook page, and these five are great starting points for anyone trying to take better care of their body.

1.Detoxing for Weight Loss is a Myth

Your body already detoxes itself, so drinking a magical smoothie won’t cleanse your system or make you slimmer. Just don’t eat junk food or artificial foods filled with preservatives and your body will do its job.

2.Don’t Overeat Fruits

Contrary to popular belief, fruits can be fattening as they often contain great amounts of carbs and sugars. So if you’re trying to lose weight, you’ll need to set a limited number of servings per day.

3.Don’t Surpass Your Caloric Limit

You’re eating healthy but not losing weight, why? The problem may lie in your portions; healthy food still has calories, so you need to monitor both quality and quantity.

4. Eat Protein Before Working Out

Two hours before working out, you should consume a balanced meal with protein and carbs to energize your body. Right before the workout, drink some water with vitamin C.

5. A Cheat Meal isn’t Necessary

Some people claim cheat meals are a good thing because their bodies “got used to their diets.” However, this isn’t the case; cheat meals aren’t really essential in your weight loss journey. So if you can, just skip the donut and keep giving your body nutritious, balanced meals instead.

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