5 Must-Attend Events for People Spending their Easter Break in Cairo


The Easter holiday is coming up soon, and while many travel during this time every year to attend festivals and events, others decide to stay and enjoy the city’s uncharacteristically empty streets. Whether you don’t want to travel or simply didn’t manage to secure some vacation time from work, no problem; these five events are here to save your weekend!

1. Salads and Appetizers at Kitchen Three

Spend a day with chef Hadil Amasheh and learn how to wow guests at your next dinner party! Embrace your inner foodie and learn how to make red pepper feta rolls, tomato tatin, turkey ragout, and many more mouthwatering dishes that will upgrade your kitchen game.

2. Hydroponic Farming and Rooftop Gardening Workshop at Kon Nabat

This two-day workshop covers the basics of hydroponic farming (farming without soil) both on theoretical and practical bases. You’ll learn all about how to grow plants without a garden and care for crops like a pro!

3. Oil Painting for Beginners at Khan Laila Book Café and Art Place

This weekend is a great opportunity to get in touch with your artistic side. This course by Khan Laila Book Café and Art Place will teach you everything you need to know about the technicalities of oil painting, and you’ll get to go home with your very own work of art!

4. Illusion Show by Illusionist Amr Khaled at Room Art Space and Café

While your friends are instagramming their magical weekends by the beach, you’ll be able to enjoy a magical experience of your own with illusionist, mentalist and magician Amr Khaled. Get ready for some Class A illusions that will blow your mind!

5. Salsa for Beginners at Artiva

Not only is salsa dancing a great way to stay fit; it’s also a very handy skill to have when you’re at a wedding or a party. Whether you’d like to take a partner or go on your own, you’re guaranteed a night of fun!

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